Career Development Academy

The Career Development Academy is designed for any individual seeking to, or anticipating, transition from one stage of their career to another. Students, early career professionals, and seasoned GIS experts are all invited to participate.

2:30-3:15 pm: State of Geospatial This presentation includes data and statistics about employment, skills in high demand, which areas of the country are hot job markets, and related information about the geospatial employment market.

3:15-3:45 pm: Land that Good Government Job, and Beat the ‘ALGOS’ at their Own Game After this presentation you will come away with specific techniques and methods to be able to get over hurdles that the hiring process places in your way. You will also get a clearer idea of where to focus your energies to build a satisfying career in the Geospatial Industry.

3:45-5:00 pm: Soft Skills for a Hard Industry Workshop Become confidently prepared to talk about your interpersonal strengths and what you want for the future. This workshop is designed to help you identify what it is that you REALLY want and build the confidence to show up with vision and purpose. Discover your target and choose which direction you would like to aim for it.

Pre-Conference Resume Review Get tips and feedback from a GeoSpatial employment specialist. Complimentary resume review is available ( for anyone in the midst of a job search, those who are gearing up for a big transition, and people who prefer to maintain an up to date resume. Common suggestions are related to formatting, skillset language that will be flagged appropriately by auto-filters, and guidance to present experience in a way that is most appealing to employers. Submit your resume to GeoSearch, Inc. for constructive feedback aimed at helping individuals advance their careers.

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